Universal Infrared Remote Control App

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Universal Infrared Remote Control App

Pierogi Main Panel

This is an app that provides an interface for a variety of devices controllable via infrared. At the moment, it only supports the Nokia N900.

The main features of this app are:

  • A self-contained database of IR codes, drawn from the collections of the LIRC project, the hifi-remotes.com website, and the remotecentral.com website.
  • Independence from the LIRC server -- LIRC is designed mainly for receiving IR commands, where Pierogi is focussed on sending them.
  • A "universal" interface, intended to be usable across a wide variety of devices.
  • The ability to remember your favorite devices.

Documentation for the app can be found at:


Documentation on the macro system can be found at:


Follow all the discussion of the app on the talk.maemo.org website:


Also on that site, you can find the official Pierogi Wiki:


And, a list of devices that are known to work well with Pierogi: